Guidebook and App for Children’s Glucose Monitor
Over 3 million children in the United States alone have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Despite these staggering statistics, there has not been any youth oriented products to address the need to educate children on the maintenance and monitoring of their own health.

CheckCheck seeks a solution by creating a fun and engaging way to keep children, parents, and health care providers actively involved in guiding children with T1D onto a path of independent healthy living.


The package design encourages parents and children to discover the products and program together. The shared unboxing experience promotes playful communication and education.

With a “Kids” and “Grownups” side to the unboxing, each are assigned roles much like a game.

The guide book introduces the product while the story is written to soften fears for parents and children alike.


Reinforcing Language and Behaviour
In situations where the parent may need to run through a setup process, the child is provided a coloring book that reinforces the colors and icons present in the app experience.

The ABC rhymes are of characters who excel in virtues important to the CheckCheck program and managing T1D.

The App

Schedule and Stats
Designed with a shared experience in mind, the large main menu buttons are meant to encourage the child to choose each step in the process. Once selected, the parent navigates the top widgets and readouts.

Through repetition, the child should gradually start take over the parent’s role in monitoring and understanding their own stats.

The widgets scrub left and right to move foward and back in schedules and test timelines.

Glucose Monitor
The simple OneTouch Test System provides users with clear results and actions needed based on medical records provided by the child’s doctor.

Users are promted to always log their readouts which are sent to parents, physicians, and other important contacts, such as teachers.

The menu slides out to reveal admin level readouts for emergency contacts, current prescriptions, schedules, and other important information.
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